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Alt-Pop Indie artist and producer “Scary Jeri” fuses the musical styles of Alternative, Pop, and Indie music with a message of awareness and advocation for mental health, addiction, spirituality, and social justice issues. After spending 13 years learning piano, guitar, bass, songwriting, and receiving vocal training, they started pursuing their career in music. With 2 years of experience as a social media manager, photographer, touring crew member, and merch table seller; they decided that it was time to invest in themselves as an artist and put together a home recording studio where they could produce music. After graduating with a degree in music production they began producing for other artists, mostly in the local rap and hip-hop scene. Their first single K.y.s. successfully grabbed the attention of the music scene in Anchorage, Alaska, cementing their love for music and the industry. Also known for their songs Run (Out Of Love.), The Road., and Freedom Of Fear.


Graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Los Angeles Film/Recording School, Class of March 2021, with an Associate of Science in Music Production. 


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